Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Warra Trip - Success!

After a week of hard work trekking around the Tasmanian Warra Forests and some minor technical issues early in the week, we are very happy with all the TLS data that we collected from DWEL. I'm currently still processing all the data, but a first glance over it looks pretty good.
The rest of the science campaign also went well and luckily Peter Scarth has kept his awesome blog updated with the goings on of each day, have a look at everything we got up to
This GoPro panorama was taken at the 'tame' Flux tower site. Compared to the rest of the sites, this one was nice and easy to move around while carrying DWEL.

tern warra auscover cal / val trip - wtwr180 dwel scan by mickschaef13 on photosynth

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