Wednesday, 25 February 2015

CSIRO OzDWEL Promo Video

This video made an appearance a at the GFOI-GOFC Biomass Meeting in Brisbane this week. So with some gentle encouraging from the TLSIIG members at the meeting I thought I would post it up here too.
The video was filmed to "promote the science" that CSIRO is currently using and was aimed at primary school aged children for education purposes. It is currently being shown at the 3D cinema in the CSIRO Discovery Center.
Thanks to the CSIRO Comms team for putting this video together.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Warra Trip - Success!

After a week of hard work trekking around the Tasmanian Warra Forests and some minor technical issues early in the week, we are very happy with all the TLS data that we collected from DWEL. I'm currently still processing all the data, but a first glance over it looks pretty good.
The rest of the science campaign also went well and luckily Peter Scarth has kept his awesome blog updated with the goings on of each day, have a look at everything we got up to
This GoPro panorama was taken at the 'tame' Flux tower site. Compared to the rest of the sites, this one was nice and easy to move around while carrying DWEL.

tern warra auscover cal / val trip - wtwr180 dwel scan by mickschaef13 on photosynth

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Warra - DWEL back on track

After a few recurring technical issues all week, and completely dismantling DWEL, we finally have some scans of the beautiful Tasmanian Warra forest. There is some very rugged patches of forest down here, lots of ferns and very tall Eucalypts, all that thrown in with plenty of massive, decaying, fallen logs makes for fun times.
So far we've collected plenty of scans with both DWEL and Riegl as well as plant structural measurements, leaf collections using a tree climber and a shooter and UAV imeragy as well. Its shaping up to be a very good week.
Figure 1 - The trees are tall down here in Tasmania. That's an 80 m tall Flux tower that's just above the canopy!

   Figure 2 - DWEL having fun in the Warra ferns.

Figure 3 - Peter and Matt letting the Riegl TLS work its magic.

Figure 4 - The first scan from DWEL for the trip. This is an image from the 1556nm laser, unfiltered, but it looks good. Plenty more scans to come!