Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Recent publications

1) Who knew? A five-parameter model for calibrating the Dual Waveform Echidna Lidar? That’s what it took to cover the range from 1 m and beyond, thanks to telescopic effects that decrease the signal from midrange (10-12 m) toward the instrument and Lambert’s Law, which decreases the signal from midrange to far range. See the fit in a new Sensors article by Zhan Li et al.

And even though it's not really a DWEL article...

2) Road trip! Attaching a SICK lidar and an active optical sensor to their 4-wheel drive SUV, Michael Schaefer and Dave Lamb recently cruised through a tall fescue pasture, mapping biomass from height and NDVI. You can read how they did it in their recent article in Remote Sensing.

And there are plenty more DWEL related publications over at the TLSIIG website. Thanks to Alan for these neat article intros!

Monday, 14 March 2016

Himalayans in the Mist

A little bit of eye candy to start the week off on a good note!

This is an image produced from a scan taken a while ago at the Arboretum here in Canberra. The image is produced from the intensity information recorded from the 1556nm laser.